Volume: A5 by Luigi Amato (concept/design) and Roberto Arista (code/development) is a book with completely self-reflective content. Using the Python-based graphic script environment DrawBot, the artists produced “a book displaying its own state during the act of browsing it” (Roberta Arista’s website).

Static data on the width and height of the individual pages and the double-page spread as well as the reading direction (“clockwise/anticlockwise”) can be found on each page. This is complemented by procedural data such as page numbers and the distance measured across the pages that the reader traverses while reading. Added to this are the weight of the left and right-hand pages and the left and right spine heights. In the end, the book is delineated as both a static object and a procedural medium, with the exception of two blank pages at the end that were presumably added by the print-on-demand platform during the production process. The book is designed in such a way that the data, and thus the movement through the book, can be animated as in a flip book.