The Communist Manifesto (In Comic Sans)

This new edition of The Communist Manifesto is, as the back cover proclaims, a reprint of “one of the most influential texts in history” set “in the most revolutionary fonts: comic sans.” As a font supplied with Microsoft Windows since 1995, Comic Sans is widely used not only by dyslexics but especially by users with little design knowledge, making it both one of the most used and most hated fonts ever. In the context of web subcultures’ anti-aesthetics of memes and trolling, the font has gained an inverted cult status, resulting in memes involving reproductions of well-known logo designs and book covers.

Though the font used on the book cover isn’t even the infamous Comic Sans, this further enhances the dilettante memeing of this edition, as well as the illustrations on the front and back covers, which were hand-drawn in what seems to be Microsoft Paint. Thus, The Communist Manifesto (In Comic Sans) can be seen as one of the rare instances of a meme not turned into, but being, a book itself.

Other trolling alterations on the back cover include a mocking of the manifesto’s final slogan, printed in its popularized form “Workers of the world, unite!” and of Marx’ biography, which reads, “Karl Marx was born in 1818 in Prussia, a country so lame that it doesn’t even exist anymore.” On Lulu, the book is assigned to the “entertainment” category and tagged “memes” among others. Who produced the book is not apparent: Karl Marx is listed as the author, and it is uploaded via john walmart’s Lulu store, for whom no further data is provided.